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EAOY 2016

Ed created the Military Hospitality Alliance (MHA) while serving as President of the International Food Service Executives Association, which position he held for 18 years, until 2009.  He also co-created the two major projects of MHA, the MCC and the EAOY.

1.  The Military Culinary Competition (MCC), held outside Marine Barracks in Washington, DC each September.  The 2014 competition is scheduled for September 26-27, 2014.  The 2013 winner was the Coast Guard.  For photos check out the Military Hospitality Alliance FB page and also

To see photos of all the championship teams click here.

2.  The Enlisted Aide of the Year Award (EAOY), given each year as part of the USO Salute to Military Chefs dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City.  In 2010 the Chief of Naval Operations' Senior Enlisted Aide, CSC Wes Tavares, was the winner of the $1000 first place prize.  The 2011 competition was won by SSgt Charles Hughes, who works for the Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Before these two, no one who worked for the Service Chiefs ever won - so that isn't a requirement, just so happened.  Now supported by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the 2012 winner was MSgt Brian Brazil who works for LtGen Tryon and Marine Barracks, DC.

To see photos of all the DOD Enlisted Aides of the Year since 2003 click here

To see the history of the EAOY Award click here

Sponsors can use corporate funds or now we have a 501(c)3 that can take money from your C3. 
To see how you can get on board and help the military culinarians click here.

Ed continues to serve as a leader of those activities and the organization.

For more information and to join FOR FREE, click here